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Located in Callander, ON about 10 minutes south of North Bay, Osprey Links Golf Course is a Rene Muylaert par 71 design. Playing at 6,442 yards from the Championship Tees, this professionally designed course offers something for every level of player.

The front 9 is a traditional links style golf course with eight strategically placed ponds enhancing every hole, while the back nine is a completely different challenge. Being almost completely cut out of the forest, it features tree-bordered fairways and extreme elevations.

Countoured fairways with two contrasting cuts of rough and more than forty bunkers make this course a truly memorable experience.

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First Hole

Welcome To The First Hole at Osprey Links, an extreme dog leg right. This hole is a wonderful start to your day on the Links.  Depending on the tee of choice, a large pond borde...
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Second Hole

The Second Hole is a fair, but challenging par 3. Depending on the tee, average players will hit probably be hitting anywhere from a mid to a firm short iron to make the green. ...
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Third Hole

The Third Hole is a mid-length par 4, dog leg left. Bordered by the townhouse development of the Osprey Links Sub-Division to the left and mounding and moguls to the right, hitt...
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Fourth Hole

The Fourth Hole will be your second par 5 of the nine and rated the easiest hole on the course, but sometimes ratings can be deceiving. Safe to hit driver off the tee, but be wa...
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Fifth Hole

The Fifth Hole is rated as the hardest hole on the front nine. Again safe to hit a driver off the tee, the fairway is guarded by water on the right.  Lots of room to the left, b...
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Sixth Hole

The Sixth Hole is a short par 4, but don't be lulled into complacency by it's length. Some will try to go for the green, but with a pond, sharp ledge and a trap protecting a ver...
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Seventh Hole

The Seventh Hole is a 90 degree dog leg right. The green is not reachable from the tee so but a driver or well struck fairway wood sets up a short iron or wedge for your second ...
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Eighth Hole

The Eighth Hole is a strong par 3. The green is well guarded with water on the right. Just like other holes, pay attention to where the flag is as this is another tiered gree...
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Nineth Hole

The Nineth Hole is a challenging Par 4. It's safe to hit a driver off the tee, but be aware of the water to the left and fairway bunkers to the right, as they are all in play to...
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Tenth Hole

Welcome to the Tenth Tee and enjoy this par five featuring a slight dog leg left. From the tee, there is a slight uphill elevation, straight away, so go ahead, hit the driver, b...
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Eleventh Hole

The Eleventh Hole is a very picturesque par 3. Normally it calls for a well struck mid-iron off the tee, but hit it straight.  The hole is guarded by water for its length along ...
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Twelfth Hole

The Twelfth Hole is another signature hole on the back 9 and rated as the most difficult on the course. Guarded by woods on both sides of this narrow fairway, leave the driver i...
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Thirteenth Hole

The Thirteenth Hole is a slight dog leg left. Pretty safe to hit driver off the tee on this hole, you will want to stay as tight to the left tree line to avoid driving through t...
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Fourteenth Hole

The Fourteenth Hole is a dog leg right. Longer hitters will want to avoid hitting a driver off the tee to avoid the risk of driving through the fairway to the left.  Trying to h...
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Fifteenth Hole

The Fifteenth Hole is the shortest on the course, but a ton of fun to play.  Great hole for a wager for closest to the pin within your group. From an elevated tee, you will be h...
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Sixteenth Hole

The Sixteenth Hole is a challenging Par 5, partially up hill with a slightly hidden green. Lots of room to hit the driver off the tee, but a small outcropping of trees bordering...
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Seventeenth Hole

The Seventeenth Hole is another spectacular Par 3. Although most play from the mid-tee, the challenge and view of the green from the top tee is exhilarating. The green is wel...
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Eighteenth Hole

The Eighteenth Hole is a great finishing hole, partially uphill and with a slight dog leg left. Probably lots of room to hit a driver, and for the really big hitters rolling ins...
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