Rylan Young and Ryan Jardine Win 2020 Sportspal

Tournament Champions Ryan Jardine and Rylan Young. Thanks to Carl Crewson and Dave Crewson of Sportspal Canoes for their continued support of our event.

Ryan Jardine and Rylan Young Win 2020 Sportspal

Congratulations to our Tournament Champions, Ryan Jardine and Rylan Young, who shot 65 in the Saturday Best Ball and 65 again in Sundays Scramble to win as Sportspal Champions for 2020.  This is a repeat for the duo as they also won the event in 2017.

Winning Kiwi Kayak’s with closest to the pin’s on #17 were Jim Burton on Saturday and Gary Paquin on Sunday.

Flight winners included:
(Team – Best Ball – Scramble = Aggregate)

Championship Flight

Ryan Jardine and Rylan Young – 65-65 = 130
Matthew Morland and Brooks Dzilums – 67-64=131 (retro)
Mark Weibe and Henry Zenon – 70-61=131

1st Flight

Evan Burton and Nick Nauta – 71-64=135
Ron Ladouceur and Migel Chenier = 139
Shawn Davidson and Pat Beaudry = 142 (retro)

2nd Flight

Derwyn Ladourceur and Adam Bainbridge – 76-62=138
Shawn Briscoe and Josh Prior – 76-66=142 (retro)
Kevin Knight and Al Dakins – 76-66=142

3rd Flight

Dan Goudreault and Bruce Cook – 80-70=150
Mitch Guay and Scott Johnson – 79-72=151
Mitch Lalande and Gerry Demeuls – 79-73=152 (retro)

4th Flight

Gary Paquin and Mark Thompson – 85-69=154
Gabriel Bedard and Jeff Ali – 84-75=159
Michel Godin and Jim Rathbone – 83-77=160

5th Flight

Roger Rousseau and Manouch – 86-73=159
John Justice and Dave Justice – 90-71=161
Bryan Howcroft and Dan Howcroft – 87-66=163

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And a very big thanks goes out to Carl Crewson and Dave Crewson of Bay Distributors, Sportspal Canoe’s and Kiwi Kayaks for their continued association with our event.