Men’s Night Dog Fight – Wednesday, August 26th

Men’s Night Dog Fight
Wednesday, August 26th

Three guys scramble, one guy plays his own ball, add the two scores together and you’ve got a dog team, fighting it out with the other dogs on the course…. it’s called a “dog fight” and it’s fun!

Front Nine

A Flight – Melvin McLeod, Dave Shawana, Charlie Restoule, Jamie Restoule – 69

B Flight – George Swanson, Mike Kotsolidis, David Viens, Gary Kuzyk – 75

C Flight – Bob Hudson, Pat Mulligan, Tony Cesarano, John Srange – 83

Closest to the Pin – #2 – George Swanson   #8 – Gerry Ouimette

Back Nine

A Flight –Bruce McIvor, Dave Bondett, Ron Ladouceur, Tim Morris – 64

B Flight – Kevin Shymanski, Dave Potvin, Trevor Murphy, Ray Duguay – 72

C Flight – Peter Woodgate, John Ouelette, Gilles Lachance, Paul Desjardins – 77

D Flight – Roy Ferguson, James Knight, Dave Justice, John Justice – 84

Closest to the Pin – #11 – Roy Ferguson   #15 – Bill Frechette

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