Golf Pools – Register

Entry to this pool is free, however only one entry per person.  Pick four players from the Tournament Field and enter a tie breaking score.  That’s it!  EZEE and FREE! 
Person with lowest cumulative score (and wins tie breaker if required) wins a $50 Gift Card.  BUT if any of your picks don’t finish 72 holes, you’re cut!

Registration and Amendments to Picks Close at midnight before first round.

 General Rules
  • Open to both members and the public. No fee to enter, but one entry per person – duplicate enteries will be deleted without notice.
  • No aliases accepted.  Entry must be made in a legitimate and bonafide persons name with an accurate and operating email address.
  • Participant picks four different tournament players to comprise team. Score is the total score of these four players.
  • The list of available players may be altered without notice. If a player is removed from the tournament it is the participants responsibility to replace that pick.
  • Participants may alter their team up to the closing of the pool, after which time the picks are final.
  • In the event that any or all of the picked players do not play for any reason, quit the competition or are cut after 36 holes, the participant is cut from the competition.
  • Participants will not hold Osprey Links Ltd. or its agents responsibile for the accuracy of any information or data contained or used for pool calculations.
  • Participants agree to allow their name to be published on the internet or other media and that Osprey Links may use their contact information for promotional and solicitation purposes.