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Ladies Night

Ladies Night Red Yellow White Scramble

Tonights Ladies Scramble involved various tees, depending on how your team scored on the previous hole. Scores: Team Gross FLIGHT - PLACE Brunette, Natalie - Proulx, Angie - Dubois, Kim - Degagne, Vivian 35 A 1 Vokes-Leduc, Lynne - Hurley, MaryBeth - Robertson, Debbie - Vester, Kim 36 A 2 Szarka, Tammy - Powell, Rose - Laporte, Eunice - Demerse, Mandy...
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Ladies Night Dog Fight

Another great Tuesday evening to the on the course, this time playing a "Dog Fight". (What's a "Dog Fight", come on out and we'll tell you!) Scores: Team Gross FLIGHT - PLACE Waller, Karen - Bednarz, Diane - Dubois, Kim - Degagne, Vivianne 81 A 1 Leduc, Lynn - Hurley, Mary Beth - Hurley , Jaclyn - Demerse, Mandy 86 A 2 Bates, Carolyn - Chapman, Louis...
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Ladies Night Is Off To A Great Start! Come Play Next Tuesday.

Ladies Night Scramble Twenty six ladies attended the opening Scramble and Ladies Night at Osprey. Event results: Proulx, Angie - Bednarz, Diane - Kim Dubois, - Nat Brunette, 35   A 1 Tweedle, Bonnie - Beattie, Beth - Guilfoyle, Karen - Laporte, Eunice 36   A 2 Cox, Lucy - Justice, Michelle - Powell, Rose - Szarka, Tammy 37   B 1 Roth, Roseanne - French, M...
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Ladies Night Starts Tuesday – Ladies Day Starts Wednesday – Golf & Welcome BBQ

Dear Women Golfers Of The Area! Looking for a fun evening or day of golf? Consider Osprey Links Ladies Night (9 Holes) on Tuesday evenings- 5:30 PM Shotgun, or Ladies Day (18 Holes) on Wednesday mornings - 9 AM Shotgun. Cost is low and fun is high! Tuesday evening - 9  Hole Green Fee - $15.50 + $3.00 prize fee (+ HST) Wednesday morning - 18 Hole Green Fee - $28.00 + $3.00 prize fee ...
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5-4-3 And That’s The Season – Ladies Night Concludes For The Season

It was a great evening to hold the final Tuesday Night Ladies Scramble for 2017. And the winners were: 5 Person Team Event: 1st - Diane Bednarz, Karen Waller, Sandra Black, Natalie Brunette & Kim Dubois 2nd - Wendy Abdallah, Caroline Corbett, Virginia Burton, Cheryl Gavin, Becky Minogue 4 Person Team Event: 1st - Michelle Justice, Lucy Cox, Amanda Kraft, Mary Kraft 3 Perso...
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Ladies Night Scramble – Tuesday, August 15th

Another great evening for a Scramble... A Flight - Morrine French, Roseanne Roth, Angie Proulx, Kim Dubois - 34 B Flight - Caroline Corbett, Kim Devine, Virginia Burton, Wendy Abdallah - 37 C Flight - Bev Maynard, Rose Powell, Tammy Szarka - 42 Lucky Draw - Stacey Dobbin, Val Davis, Angela Ferrara, Anne Perreault (Look how close Virginia hit it on #8 and we forgot to put out the pi...
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