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Ladies Night

Ladies Night Was A Chicken Wing Scramble

The team of Lynn Vokes Leduc, Mary Beth Hurley, Angie Proulx and Kim Dubois scrambled to shoot 32 and win by retrogression over Karen Guilfoyle, Linda Payne, Bonnie Tweedle and Jean Cook.  The Chicken Wings were on the menu and had nothing to do with the game. Flight Winners: A- Lynn Vokes Leduc, Mary Beth Hurley, Angie Proulx, Kim Dubois - 32 B - Tammy Szarka, Rose Powell, Rhonda Bean,...
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Chapman, Bates, Waller and Bednarz Win 3 Club Scramble

Tuesday Night Ladies Scramble had a bit of a twist tonight as players were limited to three clubs and their putter. Flight Winners: A - Louise Chapman, Carolyn Bates, Karen Waller, Diane Bednarz - 33 B - Linda Payne, Bonnie Tweedle, Karen Guilfoyle, Beth Beattie - 38 C - Cheryl Galvin, Caroline Corbett, Peggy Meuller - 43 Closest to the Pin #2 - Lynne Leduc Longest Putt #9 - Lynn...
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Ladies Pink Ball Night ….

Don't loose the pink ball, or the team will pay! The Pink ball always counted no matter the strokes, but so did the low ball to determine the foursomes results. Flight Winners: A - Linda Payne, Bonnie Tweedle, Karen Guilfoyle, Jean Cook - 81 B - Natalie Brunette, Diane Bednarz, Viv Degagne, Mandy Demerse - 91 C - Michelle Justice, Amanda Justice, Mary Kraft, Amanda Kraft - 97 Close...
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Vokes-Leduc, Hurley, Turcotte and Paxton Shoot 32 To Win Ladies Scramble

Tonight was bring a guest to Ladies Night at Osprey Links under just perfect conditions. The game was a scramble with flighting based on the size of your group: Flight Winners: 2 somes - Rose Powell and Tammy Szarka 3 somes - Angie Proulx, Sharron O`Bright and Kim Dubois 4 somes - Lynne Vokes Leduc, Mary Beth Hurley, Linda Turcotte and Lise Paxton All Scores: Place Team Gross ...
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Ladies Night Red Yellow White Scramble

Tonights Ladies Scramble involved various tees, depending on how your team scored on the previous hole. Scores: Team Gross FLIGHT - PLACE Brunette, Natalie - Proulx, Angie - Dubois, Kim - Degagne, Vivian 35 A 1 Vokes-Leduc, Lynne - Hurley, MaryBeth - Robertson, Debbie - Vester, Kim 36 A 2 Szarka, Tammy - Powell, Rose - Laporte, Eunice - Demerse, Mandy...
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Ladies Night Dog Fight

Another great Tuesday evening to the on the course, this time playing a "Dog Fight". (What's a "Dog Fight", come on out and we'll tell you!) Scores: Team Gross FLIGHT - PLACE Waller, Karen - Bednarz, Diane - Dubois, Kim - Degagne, Vivianne 81 A 1 Leduc, Lynn - Hurley, Mary Beth - Hurley , Jaclyn - Demerse, Mandy 86 A 2 Bates, Carolyn - Chapman, Louis...
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Ladies Night Is Off To A Great Start! Come Play Next Tuesday.

Ladies Night Scramble Twenty six ladies attended the opening Scramble and Ladies Night at Osprey. Event results: Proulx, Angie - Bednarz, Diane - Kim Dubois, - Nat Brunette, 35   A 1 Tweedle, Bonnie - Beattie, Beth - Guilfoyle, Karen - Laporte, Eunice 36   A 2 Cox, Lucy - Justice, Michelle - Powell, Rose - Szarka, Tammy 37   B 1 Roth, Roseanne - French, M...
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